Monday, 1 June 2015

Reviewing H&F Conservatives' approach to hospitality one year after H&F residents removed them from office

Former councillor Andrew Johnson's
(Con) hospitality register
listed below
On January 29 last year the borough's former Conservative administration voted to keep enjoying hospitality from property firms and other businesses Hammersmith and Fulham Council was or had been courted by. Five months later the Conservatives were voted out of office giving Labour a land slide victory in a borough that had been known as "Cameron's favourite council".

Labour councillors immediately changed the rules and banned hospitality from property developers. We wanted to get an insight into the types of things Conservative councillors had been enjoying so here below is the hospitality record of former councillor Andrew Johnson who up until 2014 had been the borough's cabinet member for housing and a former member of it's planning committee. You can view the link to Mr Johnson's hospitality register here.

Andrew Johnson was voted out of office on 22 May 2014.

Register of hospitality received from property developers by the former councillor Andrew Johnson (Con), Hammersmith and Fulham's former cabinet member for housing.


Free lunches, dinners and drinks:
  • 4th November 2013 – Free dinner paid for by St. George Group
  • 6th February 2013 – Free dinner paid for by British Gas
  • 24th January 2013 – Free lunch paid for by Savills residential team
  • 22nd November 2012 – Free dinner paid for by St James Group
Free tickets and hospitality for sporting events and receptions
  • 2nd November 2013 – Free tickets to watch Fulham FC v. Manchester United FC courtesy of Alistair Mackintosh
  • 9th June 2013 – Free Polo in the Park Family Day
  • 1st March 2014 – free tickets to watch Fulham FC v. Chelsea FC courtesy of Alistair Mackintosh
  • 18th November 2012 – Free ticket to Fulham Football Club paid for by Steve Norris
  • 6th November 2012 – Free tickets to a reception at Somerset House paid for by Barratt Homes
  • 21st June 2012 – free tickets to the cricket match, Middlesex v. Essex, at Lord's Cricket Ground paid for by Mosaic Family
  • 12th June 2012 – Free tickets to the Aegon Championships tennis tournament at Queen's Club with free lunch - all paid for by Development Securities Plc
  • 10th June 2012 – Two free tickets to the MINT Polo in the Park paid for by MINT Polo in the Park.
We may well review the gifts and hospitality register of other Conservatives over the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, as well as refusing all hospitality, the borough's Labour councillors have taken a more forthright approach in dealing with property developers as we can read about here. We'll be reviewing that in the coming weeks.

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